Catalogue - Handbell Items

Malmark Handbells and Choirchimes®

    Handbells etc. sells all Malmark products to Canadian customers in $CDN. Price is dependent on the Canadian dollar exchange rate.

    All prices on the Malmark website are in $US.

Servicing and Maintenance

Do Your Bells Need Polishing, Servicing and Maintenance?

Handbells etc. is able to help you with the servicing and maintenance of your handbells and chimes. We can polish, service and maintain your bells for you. We disassemble each bell and examine, clean and adjust the existing mechanism. We replace parts only if necessary (there may be additional charge for parts needed). Each casting is hand polished and then the bell is reassembled. Each bell is adjusted with the correct tension so that they can be played easily. We can do it all for you, or just help you with the more difficult problems. Give us a call at 780.437.9096 for more information.

Handbell Accessories

Handbell Mallets

Handbells etc has a wide assortment of Malmark handbell mallets.  Mallets are available for every size of handbell.  For a three octave handbell choir, we suggest that you get 4 yellow, 6 red, 6 blue and 6 grey. This will provide each of your 11 ringers with their own mallets.  Mallets are priced individually so you can purchase whatever you need to meet your choir’s needs.  Call us at 780-437-9096 to chat about what your choir needs.

Handbell Binderstands

This black three ring binder with its folding back cover makes it extremely useful for all handbell ringers as it stands alone on your handbell table.  Handbells etc offers them with a 1.5 inch ring.

Call for pricing in Canadian dollars.

Polishing Cloths

A double surface, soft cotton cloth with jeweler's rouge insert is excellent and should be used for cleaning bells after each use. Every ringer should have one. Each cloth is packed individually in a resealable bag. We recommend using these cloths after every use of your handbells.

Sunshine Polishing Cloths

Sunshine Polishing Cloths have special non-scratch micro-abrasives that clean handbell castings brilliantly without leaving a red rouge residue!  Every ringer should have one.  We recommend using these cloths after every use of your handbells.

Polishing Cream

Handbells etc recommends a non-abrasive polish for your handbells.  Your bells should be polished annually. You will need one tube of polish for a three octave set of handbells. 

Gloves - White or Black

Handbells etc recommends gloves with a dotted palm to assist with a better grip for your handbell ringers. These are available in black or white and in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Other features are available via special order.

Gloves - Practice

During the Covid pandemic, every child ringing handbells should have their own pair of gloves.  As an alternative to dotted handbell gloves, Handbells etc now is offering practice gloves as an option to schools.  These are sold by the dozen and are made of a knitted fabric with a finished edge at the wrist. These are not dotted, only available in small and there is no designation for right or left hand. 

Gloves - Tyedye ("Campayne" for Layne)

Handbells etc is supporting Layne Samuelson with their tye dye gloves. Layne has severe cerebral palsy and has many care needs. Gloves are tyedyed by his parents and other family and friends to help raise money for Layne. $10.00 from each sale of gloves goes directly to Layne and his family. Tyedye gloves can be custom made in your school colours and are available in xsmall, small, medium, large and extra large.

Handbell Music

Handbells etc has music available from many different publishing companies. Selections include music for beginning to advanced choirs for all occasions. Music ranges between sacred, secular, classical and original handbell compositions. Handbell/Chimes music is available for solo, duet, trio or quartet ringers as well as for full choirs from 2 to 7 octaves. Music is written for school, church and community settings.

Give us a call or text at 780-437-9096 or email us at susan@handbells to let us know what music you are looking for and we will be able to guide you in the right direction so that the music fills your choir and ringers needs.

Catalogue - Etc. Items

NOTE: Prices below are in Canadian dollars -- shipping and tax is extra.

You can place orders via phone (780.437.9096), text or email.

Payment by E-transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque.

Music Pillowcases $30.00

The Pillowcases have been sewn by Susan and Camille.

Music notes - Pillowcase - Enjoy sleeping on these music pillowcases and have the notes float off the pillow into your dreams!

Each pillowcase fit a regular size pillow.

28.5” by 20.5”

$30 or 2/$50

Table Runners $29.99

The Table Runners have been sewn or quilted by Susan and Camille.

Handbells - Table Runner -This table runner features antique gold coloured handbells! Although it is not quilted, the golden border down each edge and diamond shaped ends make it look pretty fancy!

40” by 15”

Music notes - Table Runner - This is one of our favorites! The inner panel is covered with yellow, turquoise, pink and green music notes, sharps, flats. treble and bass clefs. This is quilted freestyle on the longarm.

23.5” by 12”

Music notes Table Runner - - This runner is a bit more subdued and could work on anyone’s table. The inner panel is green with black notes and symbols that are bordered with white. The green “grunge” border matches the inner panel perfectly.

There are two available.
23.5” by 13.25” with free motion quilting
24.5” by 14” quilted with a music pantograph

Handbell Table Runner - Yes, there are handbells on this three paneled runner! This runner is larger than the others. The yellow border makes the bells pop! This is quilted using the music pantograph.

31.25” by 14.25”

Handbell Table Runner -Yes, there are handbells on this three paneled runner! This runner is larger than the others. The yellow border makes the bells pop! This is quilted using the music pantograph.

31.25” by 14.25”

"Rock" Music Table Runner -This table runner features “Rock Music Instruments!” It’s full of bright colours.

26” by 13.75”

Classical Music Table Runner - This table runner has classical music on it - we are not sure what it is but why don’t you ring it on your handbells and let us know! The grey and maroon colours with the dark border makes it look great on any table.

26” by 13.75”

Symphony Orchestra Table Runner - This design features symphony orchestra instruments and bits of classical music. The miniature music notes on the maroon border brings out the maroon in the middle panel.

25.5” by 13”

Music Instrument Table Runner - This brightly coloured runner has violins, saxophones, trumpets and keyboards on it. The notes, treble and bass clefs fill in the background. Any musician will like it!

23.75” by 12.25”

Additional Gift Items

Designed by local artists.

Handbell lunch bags - insulated - available in pink and green. $6.00

Bell bouquet logo fleece vest - grey - available only in Men's size. $36.00


Music notes in golf and silver on navy scarf - 60” x 19”. $7.00

Music notes in golf and silver on white scarf- 60” x 19”. $7.00

Bell bouquet golf shirts - Y-neck - black limited sizes. $15.00

Choirchime pencils - “Bakers Dozen”. $3.00

Handbell suncatchers - stained glass with black or white handles. Made by a local artist. $15.00

Handbell ceramic fridge magnets hand crafted by a local potter. Each is a unique design in blue and rose colors. Makes a perfect gift for your ringers. $3.00